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Announcement of BLOCKBIRD

After a year of research and development, we are announcing the official beginning of BLOCKBIRD, an AI and blockchain-powered, personalized, news aggregation platform.

The project started out of a real need for an all-inclusive solution to the current state of cryptocurrency information. Contributors are dealing with an increasing number of questionable news that can have a huge influence over the crypto market prices, making it more and more difficult to make a wise, well-timed decision.   

Furthermore, researching and trying to stay up to date when contributing to crypto projects has become very time consuming due to the exponential growth of material related to cryptocurrencies combined with the vast, widespread selection of news sources.

We decided to overcome these issues by developing a platform to deliver all the relevant crypto information in one place. We plan to aggregate news from a variety of sources to simplify, enrich and rate them with the help of our users in combination with innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods, thus creating a hybrid intelligence system.

Our platform will present information in the form of adjustable widgets. Each user will be able to move and adjust them in line with his own personal preference to get the most up-to-date, enriched and evaluated content possible.

Users will be incentivized to rate various information sources through our reward system. Community-based evaluation will be an important input to AI algorithms and will enable us to present news in line with its relevance, accuracy and other attributes. Using Artificial Intelligence we will also recommend, categorize, summarize, de-duplicate and enrich the content making it more understandable and easy to consume.

Using the most advanced technology in combination with our community contributions, we believe this is one of the most exciting news evaluation projects to date.  

We invite you to learn more and join the BLOCKBIRD movement at


November 7, 2018, Maks Levstek