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Blockbird recognized as one of 6 startups flourishing outside the U.S.

Blockbird has been recognized by the renowned media outlet Forbes as one of 6 startups flourishing outside the United States of America. Blockbird’s platform aims at redefining the way people consume and understand the news using an innovative combination of artificial and crowd intelligence.

Even though not on the level of 2017 or 2018, cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology are still immensely popular among individuals and institutions alike, as indicated by Facebook’s recent announcement of its own cryptocurrency Libra. But the market is not only strong in the U.S. as Europe and Asia have also been seeing rapid growth.

This is very clear to the team behind Blockbird, a startup using their artificial intelligence and blockchain based platform to completely redefine the way people consume crypto news. Their mission has now been recognized by the renowned media outlet Forbes, which placed them on a list of startups flourishing on markets outside the USA. The young Slovenian company has thus been placed alongside peers from Europe and Asia who are also using new technologies to revolutionize other traditional industries.

Redefining the way you consume the news

The Blockbird platform allows users to easily and efficiently consume all available crypto news in one place as well as vote on and rate the news based on many different factors. Blockchain and artificial intelligence enrich the experience by adding different functionalities. The platform utilizes inputs provided by the users together with the content of the news to consistently learn and adapt. This way it can alert users about the news that matters to them specifically, suggest content that might interest them and will eventually even offer the possibility of detecting fake news as well as other advanced features.

The team added that focusing on crypto news is just the beginning. In the next stage they will expand the platform, allowing its users to easily follow the most recent and verified news from the world of business, finance, politics and many others.

Blockbird has already partnered with several renowned companies from all across the globe, just recently announcing a cooperation with the distinguished cryptocurrency exchange BlockBird will be among the first startups to conduct an Initial Exchange Offering to raise funds on, which was founded by the co-founder of one of world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges Bitstamp. The cryptocurrency exchange added that the cooperation is in no way a coincidence as they only work with projects with added value, which influence the quality and transparency in the crypto community.

October 5, 2019, Klemen Methans