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Malta AI & BC Summary

Thank you Malta AI & BC summit for organizing such a great event and having us on board. Throughout the two days, we have met many new blockchain friends and listened to a very insightful A.I. panels and discussions.

The future is indeed bright and we have met several future collaborators at our stand. Nice to meet you Sectoso, NextHash, BlockLogic,, Innovare, Hacken and last but not least, the big Lavazza self-service espresso machine which was a note-worthy helper.

Congratulations to for winning the A.I. Startup pitch and for taking the crown of the Blockchain Battle. The stage was on fire and we would like to congratulate to everyone involved.

A.I. is the next evolving step in humanity’s future as well as in the future of blockchain. Ben Goertzel CEO of SingularityNet has put it well: “In the next 20 to 40 years it’s pretty clear that all human jobs will go away and the majority of goods and services will be done by Al and robots. During this process,  things may become complicated, but this is partly where blockchain and smart contracts can help, to create new systems for economic exchange and value for labour exchange amongst people.”

Blockbird is ready to embrace the new technology and help you, our dear community, solving the problem of  news overload, dispersed news and false/manipulated news.

Thank you Malta and see you soon!

Rember, together we know more!

Your Blockbird team.



May 28, 2019, Maks Levstek